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Executable Specifications for Xtext Languages

Session Type Tutorial

Duration 45 minutes

Session Description

Every newly designed language starts with a discussion on how the syntax should be, which concepts should supported, what the behaviour should be etc. Such a discussion is exercised best when having many examples documents of that language to talk about.

In this talk I will show how these examples can be formalized so that they serve both as a specification of the language and as a JUnit test suite. In several customer projects, this specification has proven valuable to discuss semantics and tooling-properties of a language. The test suite guarantees for the spec and the language implementation to be in sync, indicates the level of completeness of the implementation and enables fear-free refactorings of the latter.


Moritz Eysholdt (itemis)

Moritz Eysholdt develops software, consults customers and speaks at conferences at and for the company itemis AG. His passion and field of work centres around Domain Specific Languages and Model Driven Software Development. He is a committer at the Eclipse projects Xtext and Xtend.