Session Info

Session Title

Have Your Language Built While You Wait

Session Type Hands-On

Duration 90 minutes

Session Description

Imagine the scene: master craftsmen await, hands poised over mouse and keyboard, ready for you to describe your domain. Together you draft out a prototype language for that domain, seeing it grow as they implement it in their tool. If you want, they might even give you the controls and let you get the feel of things yourself. When the whistle blows after 20 minutes, the work is saved for you and you move on to another craftsman, a different tool, and maybe an entirely different approach. Think of it as high tech speed dating, but without the crushing humiliation.

We're very grateful to the following master craftsmen who have volunteered their time for this session. We expect a few more to join before and at the conference:

  • MetaEdit+ - Risto Pohjonen
  • Xtext - Karsten Thoms
  • Essential - Pedro Molina
  • Más - Meinte Boersma
  • MPS - Václav Pech, Markus Völter
  • Spoofax - Eelco Visser et al.
  • Whole Platform - Riccardo Solmi, Enrico Persiani
  • Spray - Jos Warmer
  • Generative Objects - Walter Almeida


Risto Pohjonen (MetaCase)

Risto Pohjonen is currently serving as a Senior Consultant at MetaCase. He has over 15 years' experience in implementing metamodel-based modelling tools, and as a consultant for companies on modelling language definition and code generator creation. Risto has published a book and several articles, and is an accomplished lecturer on software analysis and design, as well as domain-specific languages.