Making a proposal

Making a session proposal isn't difficult. All we require is some basic information on the session you plan to run - enough to judge that it would be of value to our participants.

Deadline for submission: Friday December 14th

Session Details

Session proposals should be made using one of our standard templates available as PDF, word , open office and plain text. You can make as many session proposals as you like but please let us know whether it'll cause you problems if we accept more than one of your proposals.

Please include your session title, your name(s) and brief (< 100 words) biographical information, a contact email address and telephone number and/or Skype name.

If there are multiple session leaders then please include biographical and contact information for all speakers and indicate who the main point of contact is.

We also ask you to provide the following details:

Submitting a proposal

Please make sure you accept our Speaker Terms and Conditions before submitting a session proposal.

After preparing a proposal you should upload it into our submission and review system. We are using EasyChair again this year which will be familiar to many regular conference speakers. We cannot accept proposals that haven't been submitted through EasyChair. If you have submitted to other conferences that use EasyChair, then you can reuse your existing Easychair login for CG2013 submission. If not, then you first need to create an account. Full instructions on the submission process are available here.

Please note that sessions must be submitted no later than Friday December 14th 2012. Sessions submitted after this date will be considered at the organisers' discretion.