April 9-11th 2014
Churchill College, Cambridge UK


Session Title

Modelling on the Web

Session Type Case Study
Duration 90 minutes
Session Description

Traditional DSL are implemented as desktop-based or IDE-based tooling. Textual or graphical DSLs traditionally take advantage of the services offered by rich development environments. There is a big trend in the industry to move coding tools into the cloud: some samples are Cloud9 IDE, Koding, Codeanywhere, Microsoft Monaco. Some MDD based tools like Concrete, Más, GenMyModel, Cloudfier or Windows Phone App Studio has already taken this path.

Icinetic is exploring how to create web cloud-based DSLs. In this talk, we will share our vision, experiences about its development and the issues found when moving / creating traditional DSLs into the cloud.

A traditional graphical editor for a Class Model will be illustrated as a case study of a DSL migration/reimplementation and we will discuss the challenges and limitations of the current technology. Repository technology to store models and collaboration features also need to be considered in the web version.

New opportunities and features not available on the desktop like zero-deployment and multi-platform will also be covered.


Pedro J. Molina (Icinetic)

Pedro J. Molina is the Chief Research Officer at Icinetic (a company strongly focused on modeling and code generation tools). He has been working on code generation, MDD, MDA, software and user interface patterns since 1998. He is the author of the "Essential" MDD tool.

Previously he worked as a Manager & Software Architect for Capgemini leading .NET development projects. He built a Software Factory solution for a Financial Terminal with full code generation for a Spanish Bank.

In 2003, he received a PhD from the Technical University of Valencia for his work on "User Interfaces: from requirements to automatic code generation". At the same time, working for the R&D spin-off CARE-Technologies specialising in creating MDD tools and commercial code generators.

Ahmed Negm (Icinetic)

Ahmed is Technical lead at Icinetic, involved in the design and development of Radarc.net.

He is the founder of the Sculpture Platform (the first language workbench which works natively inside Microsoft Visual Studio to author textual and graphical languages). He has 12 years experience in software design and development with 6 years experience in Domain-Specific Languages.