April 9-11th 2014
Churchill College, Cambridge UK


Session Title

MDSD - Practice what you Preach

Session Type Tutorial
Duration 45 minutes
Session Description

We believe that software is best developed in a model-driven way with DSLs and code generators. But generators and DSLs themselves are seldom developed in a model-driven way. That makes it a time-consuming and error-prone task. Why don’t we produce them according to the same principles?

HyperSenses provides a model-driven environment for the production of generators and DSLs. It allows a step-by-step and iterative development process based on the reuse of proven code (fragments). HyperSenses is the way to practice what you preach.

In this session we will explain the ideas behind HyperSenses and demonstrate the environment.


Daniela Schilling (Delta Software Technology)

Daniela Schilling graduated as a PhD computer science from the University of Paderborn in 2006 specialising in formal software analysis. From 2006 to 2011 she worked as a project manager in the automotive industry. In 2011 she joined Delta Software Technology as Program Manager New Technologies which also includes HyperSenses. She became Managing Director in 2013.

Reg Mulder (Delta Software Technology)

Reg Mulder graduated with an MA Scientific Research of Objects of Art at the University of Groningen 1987. He started a career in ICT and became involved with Software Lifecycle Management. He joined Delta Software Technology in 1992.