April 9-11th 2014
Churchill College, Cambridge UK


Session Title

A Marketplace for Code Generation as a Service

Session Type Goldfish Bowl
Duration 60 minutes
Session Description

Model-driven software development is not mainstream. Developers might find certain code-generators useful, but they are not available on the market. Developers capable of creating good code-generators don't do it since there is no clear route to earn money with them or to make them easily accessible to all developers on the planet.

Could the concept of a marketplace for "Code Generation as a service" lead to MDSD becoming mainstream over time?

Could that concept solve the problem of having too many software platforms, too many programming languages and too much software to develop and maintain and not having enough (capable) software developers - by cloning experts and sharing know-how through intelligent code-generators?


Marcus Munzert (Generative Software)

Marcus is a mathematician, working with Enterprise Java since 1997 and in the field of model driven development since 2002.