April 9-11th 2014
Churchill College, Cambridge UK


Session Title

Modelling and Code Generation in the cloud for Citizen Developers and beyond

Session Type Tutorial
Duration 45 minutes
Session Description

Model Driven Software Development tools have traditionally provided desktop environments (IDEs) oriented to developers and domain experts. In the recent months, however, more and more focus has been placed on creating new tools to empower Citizen Developers as the main drivers of the creation of new business software and customized consumer applications. Such users can now create apps for specific needs with little or no technical knowledge (programming skills). These cloud based services, behind the curtains, use advanced model driven engineering in its full glory. New challenges for massive code generation and scalability are also taken into account.

In this session, we'll give an overview of the challenges faced when creating a Modeling platform for Citizen Developers, End User Programming, and Code Generation in the Cloud as a Service.


Pedro J. Molina (Icinetic)

Pedro J. Molina is the Chief Research Officer at Icinetic (a company strongly focused on modeling and code generation tools). He has been working on code generation, MDD, MDA, software and user interface patterns since 1998. He is the author of the "Essential" MDD tool.

Previously he worked as a Manager & Software Architect for Capgemini leading .NET development projects. He built a Software Factory solution for a Financial Terminal with full code generation for a Spanish Bank.

In 2003, he received a PhD from the Technical University of Valencia for his work on "User Interfaces: from requirements to automatic code generation". At the same time, working for the R&D spin-off CARE-Technologies specialising in creating MDD tools and commercial code generators.