April 9-11th 2014
Churchill College, Cambridge UK


Session Title

Software is eating the world and MDD should be in the driving seat

Session Type Keynote Talk
Duration 75 minutes
Session Description

Software is eating the world! Every company is becoming a software company. If companies don’t, they cease to exist. Just imagine: you are a thermostat maker and suddenly you have Google as a competitor (via its Nest acquisition). This is just one of the many recent examples.

Interestingly a lot of the innovations in the software industry are fuelled by abstraction and automation, concepts that are well-known in the MDD community. As the world is awakening to these concepts there is a clear opportunity (and need!) to bring MDD to a much broader audience.

In this keynote we will analyse what’s happening on all layers of the software stack. We will also explore how we can become more relevant as an MDD community. There is a ton of knowledge and experience in our community that could move the needle for a lot of companies, but are we using it? We need to stop doing what we always do. We need bold ideas and the courage to start a journey with no clear endpoint!

This talk will be opinionated. Bring tomatoes and rotten fruit!


Johan Den-Haan (Mendix)

Johan den Haan is CTO at Mendix, where he leads the company’s overall technical strategy and research & product development teams.

Mendix has been very successful in bringing an Application Platform-as-a-Service to the enterprise market. The platform, that is centred around Model-Driven Development and Model Execution, enables professional developers and citizen developers to build, deploy, and manage apps in days instead of months. Earlier this year Mendix raised $25 Million to fuel product innovation, growth, and customer success.

Johan has been with Mendix from the start and helped shaping the products and growing the R&D teams. He writes regularly about MDD and PaaS related topics on his blog and tweets as @JohanDenHaan.