April 9-11th 2014
Churchill College, Cambridge UK


Session Title

A category-theoretic view of models

Session Type Tutorial
Duration 45 minutes
Session Description

Category theory is a mathematical language that attempts to raise the level of abstraction of mathematics by separating its essential from its incidental complexity. However, it has been found to be useful in other settings as well and is becoming a popular topic in computer science and software engineering - and not only amongst functional programming zealots and hipsters! E.g., the notion of a monad is becoming quite pervasive.

In this session, we'll discuss models from the viewpoint of category theory, providing a gentle introduction to the latter along the way. Questions we'll address (and answer in a varying degree of satisfaction): What is a model? What is a meta model? What insights, techniques or even revelations offers category theory "for free"?

In particular, we'll look at "hard" topics like model merging and meta model evolution.


Meinte Boersma (DSL Consultancy)

Meinte is an independent consultant specialising in model-driven software development and language engineering. He has worked for a number of companies such as Intuit, Allianz, Capgemini and Atos Origin and in various innovative and model-driven projects. Next to providing consultancy, he is working on Más, a Cloud service for melding application development and model-driven engineering.