Code Generation 2007 Highlights

UML vs. Domain-Specific Languages - a false dichotomy?

This lively panel considered the use of general purpose modelling languages vs. Domain-Specific Languages. When do the benefits of bespoke domain languages outweigh the advantages of using universally understood notations? Are the two approaches really in competition, or can they co-exist?

The panel was moderated by Andrew Watson, Vice President and Technical Director of Object Management Group.

Panel members were Tony Clark (Xactium), Steve Cook (Microsoft), Matthew Fowler (NT/e), Allan Kennedy (Kennedy Carter) and Juha-Pekka Tolvanen (Metacase).

UML vs. Domain-Specific Languages - a false dichotomy? MP3 (29.4Mb)

The next few years...

This panel looked at the future of Model-Driven Software Development - how wide will the take-up be, who are the potential users, what technologies and companies will dominate, how will the approaches evolve etc.

The panel was moderated by Markus Voelter, Independent Consultant.

Panel members were Steven Kelly (MetaCase), Andrew Watson (OMG), Laurence Tratt (Bournemouth University) and Krzysztof Czarnecki (University of Waterloo).

The next few years... MP3 (28.8Mb)