Code Generation 2008 Programme Information
Session TitleApproaches to DSL Evolution

Session Type Goldfish Bowl

Duration75 minutes

Session Description If your code generation project is successful, the structure of your Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) is going to change. In this interactive session a range of strategies for handling DSL evolution will be explored and discussed by a group of experts and with audience participation.

Facilitator Peter Bell speaks internationally and writes/blogs frequently on code generation, Software Product Lines, application architecture, requirements engineering and agile development. He is CTO/CEO of SystemsForge - a company that works with ad agencies to create exceptional web applications for their clients, and is the architect of the SystemsForge Software Product Line for quickly and cost effectively generating well architected, scalable custom web applications.

Peter also consults on code generation and Software Product Lines in both Europe and the US. His blog can be found at and he can be contacted at peter at pbell dot com.

Expert Participants To be confirmed.

Intended Audience Intermediate / Expert