Code Generation 2008 Programme Information
Session TitleUsing Eclipse Modeling Tools to develop LEGO Mindstorms Robots

Session Type Tutorial

Duration90 minutes

Session Description This session will show how to use tools from the Eclipse Modeling Project (EMP) to create an integrated, Eclipse-based, model-driven development environment for LEGO Mindstorms Robots.

We will show how to create a code generator based on oAW's Xpand framework, and how to seamlessly integrate this generator with a graphical, GMF-based statechart editor. At the end of the session we will use this domain specific IDE to develop and run a program for a LEGO Mindstorms Robot.

Speakers Peter Friese works as a software architect for itemis AG. He also is a committer on various open source projects, most notably, openArchitectureWare, FindBugs and AndroMDA.

Originally coming from a Delphi background, he has worked on the design and implementation of distributed systems using Java since late 2001. Peter specialises in model driven development, Eclipse and Spring.

Frank Zimmermann has worked as a software developer for SAP and as a Senior Consultant in the field of software engineering at Texas Instruments before becoming a Professor at the Nordakademie.

His teaching focuses on Software Engineering and Enterprise Software Development.

He is founder of and committer to LSDT, the leJOS Statemachine Development Toolkit.

Intended Audience Beginner and upwards. No prior knowledge of Eclipse is necessary.