Code Generation 2008 Programme Information
Session TitleStrategies for Generating Code from Microsoft DSL Tools and T4 Text Templates

Session Type Tutorial

Duration75 minutes

Session Description Microsoft DSL Tools is a rich modelling environment for defining graphical domain specific languages. However, in our view the documentation and support for code generation is not very rich. This session will explore three approaches to generating code with T4 templates running against DSLs created with DSL Tools.

The three approaches are:
  1. The "out of the box" scenario, which is not very useful,
  2. An approach for DSLs that are packaged and distributed and
  3. A scenario for DSLs that are created and consumed by development teams.
The second and third approaches require using features that are not documented and would not be obvious to someone new to DSL Tools.

Speaker Brooke Hamilton is a software architect working at FM Global in Rhode Island, USA. He has 15 years of experience working in health care, aerospace, accounting, financial services, and insurance.

Intended Audience Beginner and upwards.