Code Generation 2008 Programme Information
Session TitleBest Practices for Creating Domain-Specific Generators

Session Type Tutorial

Duration90 minutes

Session Description This tutorial presents best practices for generating full code from domain-specific modelling languages. These practices have been proven in the creation of hundreds of generators for a variety of domains and output languages ranging from Assembler through C, C++, C#, Java etc. to scripting languages and XML. Example cases are used throughout the tutorial to demonstrate various generation situations.

In particular, this tutorial will provide attendees with answers and understanding of the following key issues:
  • What approaches are there for generation, how to choose
  • Generator patterns for common kinds of code
  • How to combine hand-written and generated code
  • How to generate code that matches existing code
  • Generating for multiple targets from the same models
  • Seamless transition from hand-coding to generating
The content of the tutorial is not tied to any specific toolset.

Speaker Steven Kelly is CTO of MetaCase and co-founder of the DSM Forum. He has over fifteen years of experience of tool building and consultancy in Domain-Specific Modelling. As architect and lead developer of MetaEdit+, he has seen it win or be a finalist in awards from SD Times, Byte, Innosuomi, Net.Object Days, and Jolt Productivity. He has co-authored a book and over 20 articles in journals such as Dr. Dobb’s, and regularly speaks at events like OOPSLA and SD Best Practices. Steven is a member of IASA, on the editorial board of JDM, and a full-back in the Finnish 3rd division.

Intended Audience Beginner and upwards

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