Code Generation 2008 Programme Information
Session TitleMDD: Models, frameworks & code generation: some experiences building business software

Session Type Experience Report

Duration90 minutes

Session Description Model Driven Development provides the opportunity for a division between two types of knowledge: Domain (or expert) Knowledge and Technical Knowledge. This separation of concerns is crucial to:
  • Allow business processes to evolve independently of technological cycles.
  • Permit people to specialize in either area.
  • Provide reuse in term of business processes and know-how & technical architectures and software solutions.
In this experience report, the techniques used to achieve these objectives in several examples of real-world projects will be discussed.

The examples covered will include code generation for multiple devices, for platform-independence, for producing code for different frameworks, for hiding a framework's complexity with modelling & for framework benchmarking and selection.

The overall goal for the session is to share practical experiences with the MDD practitioner community and promote MDD adoption.

Speaker Pedro J. Molina has been working on code generation, MDD, MDA, software and user interface patterns for the last ten years. He is currently a Manager & Architect for Capgemini Spain ( ) leading .NET development projects. In this role Capgemini built a Software Factory solution for a Financial Terminal with full code generation requested by Bancaja (a Spanish Bank).

He received a PhD from the Technical University of Valencia (UPV) for his work on “User Interfaces: from requirements to automatic code generation.” At the same time, he worked for R&D spin-off CARE-Technologies specialising in creating MDD/MDA tools and complete code generators for business applications based on conceptual modelling.

Pedro has published more than twenty research papers & two books. More info and publication list available at:

Intended Audience Beginner and upwards.