Code Generation 2008 Programme Information

NB this session has a maximum capacity of 18 participants, places will be allocated to registered participants on a first-come first-served basis. Please state your interest in participating in this session at the time of booking your place.

Session TitleUsing openArchitectureWare for M2M and M2T

Session Type Hands-on session: Participants should bring their own laptop computer (Windows / Mac / Linux), with minimum 300 MB HD space & 1 GB RAM.

Duration180 minutes (with break half-way through)

Session Description openArchitectureWare is a tool suite for Model-Driven Software Development, which comes with a powerful code template engine (Xpand) and a model transformation engine (Xtend). In this workshop the attendees will learn how to use openArchitectureWare from scratch for building code generators based upon UML2, EMF or simple JavaBeans metamodels.

Speaker Karsten Thoms is a Software Architect at itemis, the leading company for Model Driven Software Development in Germany. As part of his work he helps customers realize MDSD in real-life projects. Karsten is one of the core developers on the openArchitectureWare project and gives training courses for this product regularly.

Sven Efftinge is the author of the Xtext framework as well as some other components hosted under the Eclipse Modeling Project. Sven is regularly speaking on software conferences, writes articles for magazines and is co-author of a german book about model-driven software development. At itemis he is responsible for further development of MDSD-related tooling based on Eclipse.

After achieving his PhD, Jan Köhnlein worked as a Software Architect at Gentleware in Hamburg (Germany), where he advanced the development of Poseidon For UML and became product manager of Apollo for Eclipse. Furthermore, he acted as a consultant and coach in the area of model-driven development on the Eclipse platform in various projects and workshops. In 2008 he joined the itemis labs in Kiel Germany. He is a committer for the Eclipse projects TMF, EMFT, M2T as well as for oAW.

Intended Audience Beginner and upwards.

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