Code Generation 2008 Programme Information
Session TitleWebDSL: A Case Study in Domain-Specific Language Engineering

Session Type Case Study

Duration75 minutes

Session Description This session presents a case study in Domain-Specific Language (DSL) engineering. It reports on a project in which the speaker designed and built WebDSL, a DSL for web applications with a rich data model, using several DSLs for DSL engineering: SDF for syntax definition and Stratego/XT for code generation. The session starts with a demonstration of a web application and its implementation in WebDSL. The rest of the session is dedicated to a tutorial presentation of the implementation of WebDSL in SDF and Stratego/XT, highlighting the key features of these meta-languages.

Speaker Eelco Visser is associate professor at Delft University of Technology where he conducts research in the areas of model-driven engineering, domain-specific languages, program transformation, and software deployment. Together with his students he has designed and implemented domain-specific languages for syntax definition (SDF), program transformation (Stratego), software deployment (Nix), and web application development (WebDSL). In the research project 'Model-Driven Software Evolution' he is investigating, in close collaboration with partners in the dutch IT industry, the introduction of domain-specific languages as a standard software development tool, including the effective and efficient construction of DSLs, but also the maintenance of DSLs and systems built with them.

Dr. Visser holds an MSc and PhD in computer science from the University of Amsterdam. He was a postdoctoral researcher at the Oregon Graduate Institute, an assistant professor at Utrecht University. He published over 50 papers in peer reviewed venues. Visser served on many program committees of program generation related conferences including GPCE, OOPSLA, ECOOP, ASE, LDTA, SCAM, RTA, and PEPM. He was program (co-)chair of RULE'02, GPCE'04, PEPM'07.

Intended Audience Intermediate / Expert