Code Generation 2008 Programme Information
Session TitleMicrosoft DSL Tools: User Experiences

Session Type Goldfish Bowl

Duration75 minutes

Session Description With the development of the DSL Tools, Microsoft has taken a major step into the modelling world. After being available for two years now, people have obtained experiences with the use of the tools and the development of their own DSLs. In this goldfish bowl we ask users to look back and share their experiences with the DSL Tools, both the good and the bad ones. Members of the Microsoft DSL Tools team will be present to learn from their users and participate in the discussion. This session is interesting for users of the DSL Tools to share their experiences, and also for people who have not yet dived into the DSL Tools but are interested in what can and cannot be done with them.

Facilitator Jos Warmer was a member of the core team that developed the UML standard, and was responsible for OCL. Jos has written books on UML, OCL and MDA. Jos has published many papers and is involved in organizing workshops and conferences on modeling, MDA and OCL. Currently he is responsible for model driven software factories in both the Microsoft and the Java development centers of the Dutch IT company Ordina. In that capacity a full model-driven software factory was built using the Microsoft DSL Tools, which is now used as the standard development environment for Ordina's .NET projects.