Code Generation 2008 Programme Information
Session TitlePIM to PSM to Code transformation in real-time

Session Type Case Study

Duration75 minutes

Session Description As soon as you start to industrialize the Model-Driven Development process using model to code transformations the ease and speed of the transformation process becomes crucial. In this session we will demonstrate a PIM to PSM to code transformation based on a batch process where UML diagrams and tagged XHTML mark-up are uploaded and then transformed to code. This process has been shown to enable generation of an average of 40 man/days of development per minute. However, this approach could be felt by some users to be inefficient or inappropriate in some circumstances. This session demonstrates that with Blu Age™ 2008 edition, an Eclipse-based UML/XHTML to JAVA real-time compiler, an efficient process is possible that enables developers to perform transformations to PIM, code and / or ready-to-be deployed application at any point.

Speakers Alexis Henry is in charge of Engineering and Product Management at Netfective Technology. With more than 10 years of industry experience Alexis led technology innovations as product manager and new product services manager for major IT companies in North America and Europe (AT&T wireless, ATOS, Devoteam). Alexis focusses on delivering innovative IT solutions to solve business issues using technology. Alexis has 3 MSc.s, respectively in Computer Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering.

Intended Audience Beginner and upwards.