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Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

Microsoft is delighted to be involved with the Code Generation 2008 conference as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting and promoting UK technical communities. Microsoft UK provides a wide number of free software, resources and events for developers, software architects and IT professionals. For more details, please visit www.msdn.co.uk or email ukmsdn@microsoft.com

BLU AGE™ software provides a complete MDA solution to fill the gap between customers’ expectations and fast time-to-market application delivery based on UML business modeling and 100% target code generation.

The BLU AGE™ software methodology, which is based on short iterations, provides accurate outcomes, and a reduced set of errors and unintended results. It also supports built-in quality assurance and early testing with user feedback. This leads to success when building enterprise applications. Such success strongly depends upon the BLU AGE™ structured methodology with its flexibility to effectively manage requirements’ fluctuations in dynamic environments.

BLU AGE™ software represents a major breakthrough in application creation.


MetaCase is the leading provider of Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM) environments. Since 1991, MetaCase has been enabling its customers to improve their productivity and competitiveness with modeling languages and generators designed to meet their needs. The company’s flagship product, MetaEdit+®, is providing thousands of developers worldwide with a more productive, higher quality approach to system and software development.

With MetaEdit+, fully functional Domain-Specific Modeling Languages, can be built in only a few days—even for the most complex domains. These expressive languages allow developers to automatically generate full code, making development less challenging and radically increasing productivity 5—10 fold.
Kennedy Carter provide a complete solution to help you use the OMG's Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach to system development using Executable UML specifications. The solution includes a comprehensive suite of modelling and code generation tools, with the training and consultancy services required to support you in all aspects of your model driven development.

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New Technology/enterprise (NT/e) provides products and solutions based on its JeeWiz model-driven development system.

JeeWiz incorporates Java, XML, Ant and Velocity - as understood by millions of developers - enhanced to create a fully-fledged MDD environment that achieves unprecedented levels of power and completeness in the generated artifacts from minimal high-level models.

Packaged products for J2EE and Web Service applications are available; NT/e also supplies commercial and OEM customers with adaptation and development services.
Award-winning Telelogic software helps customers design, develop, and deliver the world’s most advanced and innovative products, systems, and software more efficiently by aligning and optimizing development lifecycles and business processes with business objectives and customer needs. More than one third of the Fortune Global 500 companies use Telelogic software including marketing-leading aero/defense, automotive, financial services, software/electronic and telecommunications companies and governments worldwide.

For more information, see www.telelogic.com.


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